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North Charleston Housing Authority
North Charleston, South Carolina
North Park Village Demolition
Kenny O'Brien (843) 529-9797
Project Description:
Demolition of 162 residential buildings. Sediment and erosion control, grading, seeding and mulching. Utilities removal.

Baltimore City Housing and Community Development
Demolition of Scattered Houses and Related Work
Contract No. BP04065
Jerry Dorich (410) 396-3615
Approx. $6 million
Project Description:
Emergency and planned demolition of over 300 row houses scattered throughout Baltimore City. Masonry and roof repairs of adjacent houses. Backfill of basements, seeding, and mulching. Concrete sidewalk repairs.

Raleigh Housing Authority, North Carolina
Chavis Heights Demolition and Asbestos Abatement
Wayne Felton (919) 508-1303
Project Description:
Demolition of 26 apartment buildings. Complete removal of underground storm water, sanitary and gas pipes. Removal of steam tunnels and backfill.

NASA Goddard Space Center
Coast Guard Housing Demolition
Wallops Island, Virginia
Contract No. NNG05WA05C
Jerry Wall (757) 824-1426/1127
Project Description:
Demolition of 23 housing units. Sediment control, seeding and mulching.

Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse, Co.
Clipper Mills - Site Work
Tom Helt (443) 573 4038
Approx. $3,750,000
Project Description:
Project involved excavation, grading, storm, sanitary water, electric ducts, U/G storm water management facility, concrete curbs, and sidewalks.

Barton Malow Co.
Coppin State University Health and Human Services Building - Site Work
Ben Morgan (410) 383-6801
Project Description:
Project consists of storm water management pond, grading, sediment control, storm, sanitary work, site demolition, sheeting, shoring, segmental retaining wall, and rock removal.

Union Baptist Church
Headstart Educational Facility
Rev. Vernon Dobson (410) 523-6880/8793
$2.5 million
Project Description:
Building demolition, site clearing, and grading. Construction of three (3) story basement, 25,000 sf brick exterior building. Classrooms, offices, and conference areas. Commercial kitchen, laundromat, community outreach restaurant, playground area, and parking lot.

Savannah Development Corporation and the Park-Heights Corridor Coalition, Inc.
Renovation of 3901-3903 Park Heights Avenue
P3 Project No. 110-03
Betty Jean Murphy (410) 547-0003
Project Description:
Interior demolition and renovation of the three (3) story approximately 6,800 sf building, formerly known as the Park Heights Street Academy. The building required extensive interior structural work to convert it into a community center. The center has offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and office facilities for the Seventh District United States Congressman. The project required installation of a custom elevator, fire protection, mechanical and electrical systems.

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
Demolition of Riverdale Village Apartments
Contract No. C-PHI-00124
Darlene Austin (410) 962-2520 ext. 3142
Project Description:
Demolition of twenty-five two (2) story low-rise masonry constructed apartment buildings (approximately 300,000 sf). Locations, disconnection and abandonment of utilities. Removal of road, parking lots, walkways, curbs, walls, sidewalks, concrete structures, steps, street pavements, interior fences, and other structures. Removal of all unprotected trees, debris and unsuitable fill from site. Backfill, grade, seed, and mulch site. Install fence around perimeter of site.

Centennial Contractors Enterprises Incorporated
Fairfield Homes Demolition
HABC Contract No. EJ3-108-E692
Alan D. Weiss (410) 727-3511
$1.1 million
Project Description:
Demolition of one community center building, eleven (11) one story and thirty-six (36) two story public housing units (approximately 300,000 sf) including roads, walks, paving, walls, fences, trees, shrubs, playgrounds and all improvements. Disconnect and cap all utilities. Backfill and compact to grade all excavations and holes and grade site. Provide sediment control plans and installation.

Centennial Contractors Enterprises Incorporated
Lexington Terrace Implosion
HABC Contract No. EJ3-0761-E620
Alan D. Weiss (410) 727-3511
$2.6 million
Project Description:
Removal, separation, sorting and recycling of building rubble from one fourteen (14) story and four (4) twelve (12) story imploded high rise public housing units, including removal of foundations and basement walls to approximately ten (10) feet below existing surrounding grade, back filling and compacting. Project also includes total demolition of twenty-five (25) low-rise public housing structures. Disconnection and capping of all utilities, backfill and compact to grade all excavations and holes and grade site. Provide sediment control plans and installation. Combined demolition and removal of approximately 800,000 sf building structures.

United States Army
Delivery (Task) Order, Aberdeen Proving Ground
Contract No.s DAAA05-93-D-7033 and DAAD05-95-D-7012
Richard Durham (410) 278-4323
Ron Venable (410) 278-4506
$2 million
Project Description:
Delivery (Task) Order demolition at Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.

Baltimore District Corps of Engineers
Wave Tank Demolition, Humphrey's Engineering Center, Fort Belvoir
Contract No. DACA 31-97-C-0055
Robert W. Frantz (703) 806-3767
Project Description:
Demolition of wave generating facilities (concrete/steel structure), dismantling and disposal of mechanical, electrical and wave generating equipment. Utility capping, site restoration and asphalt paving (approximately 10,000 sf).

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
Demolition of Eutaw Gardens
Contract No. H03-C-970-810-00000
Darlene Austin (410) 962-2520 Ext. 3142
Project Description:
Building and site demolition of nineteen (19) two (2) and three (3) story steel framed masonry exterior apartment buildings (approximately 300,000 sf). Sediment control, utility capping, backfilling, grading, and seeding of site. Installation of perimeter fence.

Department of the Navy
Quantico Marine Corps Base
Demolition of 21 Inadequate Buildings
Contract No. N62477-96-C-1037
Project Description:
Demolition of twenty-one (21), one-story buildings (approximately 100,000 sf). Sediment control and site restoration.

Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development Demolition Area 401,
Former Koppers Industrial Site

Job No. 1-95
Jerome Dorich (410) 396-3516
Project Description:
Demolition and removal of an approximately 20,000 sf industrial building, concrete foundations and six (6) row houses, site clearing, grading, seeding, and sediment control.

East Baltimore Development, Inc.
Demolition and Site Prep
Robin Carter-Morton (443) 573-3229
$12.1 Million
Project Description:
Johns Hopkins Bio-Tech Park Project demolition of 500 rowhomes, sediment control, site prep, clearing and grading, footings removal, capping of utilities, and excavation.

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